Inside you'll find several samples of 3D computer modelling medical illustrations

Welcome to Med Art

a site devoted to Medical Illustrations

My name is Davide Brunelli, I'm a dermatologist and medical illustrator: this site is a reference of my activity in the field of graphic and anatomical design. You can surf in the different sections in which you'll find several illustrative works:
Classical illustrations: pictures I carried out for scientific books in watercolours and airbrush
3D medical illustrations: recent works carried out by computer in 3D graphic modelling (3D Studio Max)
Services: the services I offer for your professional medical illustrations
Links: interesting sites concerning anatomy and illustrations related to medicine

Quick search engine is available in the main page for fast illustrations research
The images and other materials found on this web site are freely available for non-profit use by health sciences educators. It is requested that users link the site of the author (www.med-ars.it). For more information send email to:info@med-ars.it

Thank you for visiting Med Art!
Sincerely, Davide Brunelli M.D.

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