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This web site is directed to all of those which, for a reason or for another, need informations, advices and suggestions regarding diseases of the liver, of the biliary tract and of the pancreas, with special references to those amenable with surgery. Thus, it is addressed to:

  1. patients: those which are not able to find a definitive solution to their own health problems or to relatives health problems and for this reason travel across Europe, abroad or surf on the web in search of more detailed data
  2. physicians: those who are not satisfied from superficial considerations and need to increase their knowledge in the field of hepatic, biliary and pancreatic diseases. This is not an institutional site. It does not directly refer to any public, private or educational Health Care System.
  3. It has been established because of the common interest of a team of doctors for the surgery of the liver, of the biliary tract and of the pancreas.

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warning Please note that Med Art is a site devoted only to medical illustrations: we do not provide medical or health-care advice, treatment, or diagnosis through our website, and we strongly recommend that you consult your health care provider with questions concerning any medical condition.